SCIENTIFIC consulting

Environmental account faunal asset expert

I am a technical expert in faunal assets that can assist in the collection and understanding of data required for environmental accounts under frameworks such as Accounting for Nature for NSW and the ACT.

Biodiversity assessments & data analytics

I can design and conduct surveys, monitoring and identification based on your needs. I have experience with traditional and modern biodiversity survey methods, and can design short and long term monitoring to suit you, as well as aid in species identification and guide decisions related to focus species for conservation or indicator species for ecosystem monitoring.

I am a certified data analyst and am very experienced in quantitative analysis. I can work with your existing data, or provide extensive literature reviews on a topic to inform decisions. I have extensive experience successfully communicating with various stakeholders, from small research groups to corporate insurance companies and can provide reports and presentations to meet your requirements.

Teaching, outreach, & field trips

I have extensive experience teaching and mentoring students from primary school through to academia including numerous PhD students. I have helped Department of Education teachers develop experimental and research programs aligned with the curriculum they are working with. I also give public lectures and have been a recurring guest for over 5 years on ABC Sydney radio on a segment called Self Improvement Wednesday with Richard Glover where I communicate complex topics in an approachable and engaging way. I can provide teaching and training for all experience levels, helping you learn more about Australian invertebrates and ecology, as well as research relevant skills, such as survey methods, identification, and monitoring.

If you would like to engage my ecological consulting services, send me a message using the form below and I will be in touch shortly.