SmileyLize Etsy Store

I’ve always found that science and art are closely related, both require creative thinking and problem solving. It is no surprise to me that many of the scientists I meet are artists as well, be they painters, musicians, or create intricate sculptures.

My art is inspired by my research and the habitats I work in, as well as my upbringing on a farm in the remote Australian outback. On my Etsy page you can find current digital prints of various Australian habitats, including the temperate forests that surround where I currently live to the deserts and grasslands that shaped my growth as a child, as well as a number of native plants. The prints are bright and bold, each holding a special sentiment for me and I love to share them with others.

I work on custom pieces, so if you are interested in my work but would like something more specific reach out and collaborate with me.

I also enjoy embroidery and focus on invertebrate creations, including stag beetles and velvet worms. These creations are fun and I’m always happy to make more, so reach out if you’re interested.