Nature is complex. 

Determining where our activities interface with the environment and to what extent we are impacting Nature, for better or worse, can be difficult to quantify. Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss, driven by our activities, are placing our businesses, supply chains, livelihoods and welfare at risk. We must urgently reassess our interaction with Nature and redefine our way of thinking about conservation, economic growth, and land management practices to prosper not in spite of, but in partnership with Nature. 

I can help demystify Nature and guide your business in identifying where you interface with the environment. I provide expert advice on the metrics suitable for tracking and reporting, and actionable advice to engage with the Nature Market and improve your impacts on Nature.

Science and Sustainability started with our Indigenous Australians and today we stand on their history, their lands, lands that were never ceded.

I pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lands I live and work on, including the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, the Dharawal People, the Kamilaroi People, and the Gundungurra People.

I humbly pay my respect to and thank the Barkindji River People, whose land I grew up on and who shared Knowledge with me that grew my connection to the environment and understanding of the reciprocal nature required for our interaction. 



Extensive experience in ecology, resilience, collective behaviour, biodiversity and the growing Natural Capital Market


Full list of publications in journals and print media from twenty years working in science and academia


Regular appearances on radio and television as a trusted expert on invertebrate ecology, biodiversity and related risks


Collaborating with, and advising to, diverse industries, institutions, and community organisations, including;

Where nature meets business

Progressive Growth Approach

Future solutions to address the apparent conflict between environment & human needs require progressive, challenging attitudes and a mindset of growth & adaptation.

20 Years of Scientific Experience

My scientific career has led me across Australia to appreciate the complexities of our environment, and to master a wide variety of methodologies and analytical approaches.

Accountability and Transparency

Core to progress and the adoption of change is transparency and accountability. These are the guiding principles of my work, and my interactions with industry.