About me

Growing up on an isolated farm in north-western NSW, I have a deep appreciation for the natural environment, driving me to a career in ecology. I have exceptional attention to detail and take pride in my meticulous planning and execution of my work, as well as a continued desire to learn. I am willing to undertake any training necessary to excel in each position. I am passionate about education and translating science for decision makers to make well-informed decisions relating to the environment and their interaction with it. I care deeply for the environment, the Indigenous connection to land, and wish to maintain, conserve, improve, and share my love and knowledge of our environment with those around me.


• Ecology, entomology, and botany
• Integrated pest management
• Diverse ecosystem experience
• Project management and resilience
• Remote area capabilities
• Scientific and report writing
• Oral presentations
• Time management
• Logistics and fieldwork planning
• Risk assessments and workplace safety
• Chief Emergency Warden and first aid training

• AfN Asset Expert
• Research and analytical skills
• Technical literacy e.g., RStudio, GitHub
• Problem solving and decision making
• Conflict resolution
• Teamwork and leadership
• Diverse stakeholder communication and relationship building
• Volunteer and community contribution
• Education and training
• Spanish and Mandarin (novice)

Employment history

Responsible for the implementation of the Biodiversity Management Plan, launched in 2021, with 24 targets around protecting and supporting biodiversity across all university owned lands. Target examples include increasing habitat complexity, connectivity, and diversity, identifying indicator species and developing management strategies, increasing greenspace and decreasing hard space, and ensuring Indigenous involvement and representation in land management.

Championing the uptake and early adopter status of TNFD recommendations and reporting, and alignment of university practices with targets such as the Nature Positive Pledge, the UN SDGs, and Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System.

Responsible for two further projects, Green and Open Spaces, focusing on increasing canopy cover to the target of 30% for the main campus, as well as embedding climate resilience into planting plans, and the Wayfinding project, focusing on engaging the community with biodiversity initiatives and Indigenous Knowledges when appropriate to do so.

2023 – Present

Responsible for day-to-day running of a research laboratory, including but not limited to; designing and undertaking experiments, data analysis and scientific report writing, project management and coordination of laboratory members and field trips (local and interstate), laboratory financial duties, workplace health and safety and risks assessments, hazardous materials handling and disposal.

Chief Emergency Warden and Nominated First Aid Officer of the Heydon-Laurence and Science Road Cottage buildings; maintain up-to-date first aid and CPR certification, coordinating emergency drills, maintaining first aid equipment throughout the building, assessing, and reporting on building safety and risks.

2018 – 2022

Facilitated and taught two fourth year undergraduate courses; Insect Taxonomy and Systematics, and Integrated Pest Management. 

Planned and executed multiple successful research experiments autonomously, taking into consideration restrictions around field seasons and locations available for research. Undertook fieldwork at difficult to access locations, pack in – pack out planning required

Analysed and prepared publications on findings of my research utilising my coding skills to write unique programming code relevant to my research.

2015 – 2018

Developed novel tracing software modelled on the aggressive behaviour of honeybees for potential military application funded by the US Air Force

Regularly reported to the United States Department of Defence

2008 – 2010

Led a small team of researchers in a remote field site near Alice Springs, NT

Completed experiments in difficult and extreme weather conditions at remote field sites involving pack in – pack out work

Connected with local Indigenous people for collaboration and education

2006 – 2008


2010 – 2014 Doctorate of Philosophy, The Australian National University – Thesis title “Navigation, recruitment, foraging ecology and visual systems of the Banded Sugar Ant, Camponotus consobrinus.”

2006 – 2007 Bachelor of Science, Honours First Class, Macquarie University – Thesis title “The effect of the quality of food on larval performance of the echinoid (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) Tripneustes gratilla.”

2003 – 2005 Bachelor of Marine Science, Macquarie University