new ms LIFESTYLE guide

MS Research Australia has just released a lifestyle guide for people with MS that honestly would benefit more than just those of us with the disease. By improving our overall health we decrease the chances of developing various illnesses and diseases that can be avoided or controlled, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and to some extent a range of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The guide is free, and I’ve summarised the key points in this post.

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Whilst Covid-19 is another kind of flu, and it’s likely that you’ve had a coronavirus flu in the past, it is significantly more serious than what you would consider the seasonal flu. The seasonal flu typically kills 0.1% of those it infects each year, Covid-19 is currently killing around 1% of those it is infecting, meaning Covid-19 is 10 times worse than the seasonal flu. As it stands we don’t have a vaccine for Covid-19 and no way to effectively treat the disease. It is spreading quickly, asymptomatically, and has the potential to cripple our economy as well as impact those we care about. I could dive deeply into the science and statistics behind Covid-19 but what I want to focus on is what we can do to decrease our risk, to decrease our community risk, and how it relates to those of us taking disease-modifying drugs.

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